selected works

2000 - present

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castor canadensis: arboreous, 2008

trace, 2000

ARMOUR, 2005

here, 2006

backtofront, (video) 2006

Cold Comfort, 2006

collaboration with Michael Caines

untitled, 2008

imprint (video), 2009

imprint (3 channel installation), 2010

wig: untitled, 2010

trade value series

(official denial) trade value in progress 2010-2016

co-activated with Jaimie Isaac

trade value series

(official apology) 913 words: trade value unknown, 2009

trade value series

(forestforthetrees) trade value 1 - 714 (video), 2009

memoration: one hour of snow angels, 2010

castor canadensis: proviokas, 2013

five blanket suite, 2009-2013

re/call, 2014

City Park, Kingston ON

in collaboration with Erin Sutherland (Métis)

performing canada, 2014

Hemispheric Encuentro, Concordia University, Montreal

in collaboration with Ayumi Goto and Peter Morin (Tahltan)

Founder (video), 2015

in collaboration with Cheryl L’Hirondelle (Cree/Métis)

memoration #2: constituent parts, 2015

Queen’s University/City Park, Kingston, ON

Human Billboard Project, 2010

in collaboration with Stop Violence Against Aboriginal Women Action Group

still, (video) 2011

castor canadensis: evellam, 2015

(page coming soon)

oh-oh canada, 2016

featuring: David Garneau (Métis), Michael Farnan, Cheryl L’Hirondelle (Cree/Métis), Peter Morin (Tahltan), Lisa Myers (Anishnaabe), Cecily Nicholson, Adrian Stimson (Blackfoot)